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Question #1: Is the following word group a complete sentence? For example, my favorite multicolored Swatch Watch with the polkadot band.
Question #2: Do any of the following word groups contain an added detail fragment? I do well in my English courses. I especially like composition and fiction.
Question #3: Which of the two editing strategies corrects the added detail fragment found below? I like most sports. Including polo and field hockey.
Question #4: Bart likes many computer games. For example, Zork, Castle Wolfenstein, and Backgammon. Can the above added detail fragment be corrected with either of the two following strategies? 1) Add a subject and verb to the fragment. 2) Attach the fragment to the preceding independent clause.
Question #5: Are both of these word groups complete sentences? Bob, the cat, looked at the bird on the ledge. And wondered how to catch him for dinner.
Question #6: What is the intended subject of the missing subject fragment below? The busy student studied hard for her finals. And forgot to eat all day.
Question #7: Are the following word groups appropriate for a formal paper? The linguist recorded the number of elaborated structures in the discourse. And analysed the types of truncated expressions.
Question #8: Is there a helping verb in the sentence fragment below? Trying to hitchhike to Cambridge.
Question #9: What is the subject of this word group? Trying to hitchhike to Cambridge.
Question #10: Which is the '-ing' fragment below? I spent most of a frustrating week. Attempting to find my lost keys.
Question #11: Does the following word group contain an '-ing' fragment? Thinking about winning the Olympics, the marathon runner completed the grueling race.
Question #12: Does the following word group contain a complete thought? To avoid a £5.00 fine for parking in a restricted lot.
Question #13: Does the following word group contain a verb expressing tense (a complete sense of time)? To win the game for the state championship.
Question #14: Which choice corrects the 'to' fragment? Tom Sawyer left his aunt. To become a river pirate.
Question #15: Which choice corrects the fragment below? To understand the source of this problem. We must start at the beginning.