PHP for Beginners: 11 Course Bundle


PHP for Beginners: 11 Course Bundle

Do you want to be a PHP developer or web developer? Do you need to brush up on your PHP skills? Then this ’PHP Programming’ online course bundle from Total Training is for you! With over 40 hours of high quality training content, plus included project files, you’ll be immersed in all the skills you need for PHP web development programming.

£399.99 £39.99

£399.99 £39.99

Why Choose Us?


This PHP Programming Training Bundle is perfect for complete beginners and experienced PHP developers alike. You’ll go from absolute beginner to a professional PHP developer, or from a decent PHP developer programmer to a great one!

Included in this bundle are lectures that teach you the very basics of PHP programming, how to create an authorization system for a website, the process of building an R/L system using PHP object oriented programming… and more!

What’s You’ll Learn:

  • Gain valuable job skills to become a professional PHP developer
  • Create an authorization system with Laravel
  • Master PHP Object Oriented Programming
  • Learn how to integrate a database using the MySQLi extension for PHP
  • Build an MVC framework
  • Master PHP data objects
  • How to use CodeIgniter to create a Facebook login system
  • So much more!

Courses Included:

  1. PHP Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals
  2. PHP Object Oriented Programming – Build a Login System
  3. PHP – Learn PHP Model View Controller Pattern (PHP MVC)
  4. CodeIgniter – An Introduction
  5. How to Implement Sign-in with Twitter
  6. CodeIgniter – Create a Facebook Connect Login System
  7. PHP Development with the Laravel 4 Framework
  8. How to Build a Registration & Login System
  9. Create a Drag & Drop File Uploader For Websites
  10. PHP Fundamentals
  11. MySQLi for Beginners
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