Microsoft Word 2019: Complete Training


Microsoft Word 2019: Complete Training

With this in-depth Word 2019 course, you will be able to put into practice what you learn through exercises at the end of each chapter. Learn to use Word the right way, and save yourself hours of time producing more impactful documents and reports than ever before! Length: 7 hrs 37 min | Project Files Included!

£199.99 £25.99

£199.99 £25.99

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Microsoft Word remains one of the most popular business tools and rightly so. Businesses around the world continue to rely on Word as their go-to for word processing. Yet Microsoft Word training often takes a back seat.

The big secret about Microsoft Word is that using it the right way can save you hours of time and help you produce more impactful documents and reports. It’s likely your currently using less than 20% of the functionality that Microsoft Word currently offers. Unlocking that 80% could have a huge impact on your productivity and career.

In this in-depth Word 2019 course, we not only teach you the most business-relevant features of Microsoft Word, you then get to put into practice what you learn through exercises at the end of each chapter.

With this Microsoft Word 2019 – Complete Training course, you will learn:

How to get started with Word 2019
Word 2019 basics including navigation, editing and saving
Character formatting in Word including Format Painter and AutoCorrect
How to properly work with bullets and numbering in Microsoft Word
All about formatting paragraphs and managing lists
Working with Tables in Word including formatting, converting data and formulas
Page appearance including page-breaks, watermarks and styles
All about Sectioning a document
Inserting graphics, pictures, shapes, icons and 3D models (new for 2019)
How to work with envelopes and labels
All about mail-merge and operating Word at scale
How to create an Index or Contents page
Reviewing and Printing in Word and Page Setup
Protecting a Word document and basic macros in Word
Course Format

This is a video-led course. This course includes practise exercises so you can practice as you learn.


Section 1: Introduction

Welcome and Overview

Overview of the MS Word Screen

The Backstage View

Section 2: Getting Started with Word

Creating a New Blank Document

Working with Non-Printing Characters and Line Spacing

Saving a Document

Opening a Document

Navigating a Document

Go To, Find and Replace

Editing a Document

Section 2 Practice Exercise

Section 3: Character Formatting

AutoCorrect Options

Selecting Text

Cut, Copy and Paste

Character Formatting Options

Format Painter

Working with Numbers

Working with Bullets

Creating an Outline

Section 3 Practice Exercise

Section 4: Paragraph Formatting

Alignment Options

Line Spacing Options

Working with Indents

Working with Tabs

Section 4 Practice Exercise

Section 5: Managing Lists

Sorting a List

Section 6: Tables

Working with Tables

Creating a Table

Adding Rows and Columns to a Table

Formatting Table Data

Borders and Shading

Sorting in a Table

Drawing in a Table

Converting Existing Data to a Table

Quick Tables

Using Formulas in Tables

Section 6 Practice Exercise

Section 7: Styles

Working with Styles

Creating Styles

Editing Styles

Section 7 Practice Exercise

Section 8: Controlling Page Appearance

Working with Page Breaks

Working with Columns

Adding a Watermark

Headers and Footers

Section 9: Sectioning

What is Sectioning?

Sectioning a document

Odd and Even Sections

Section 9 Practice Exercise

Section 10: Graphics

Inserting Pictures

Inserting Pictures into Existing Documents

Picture Options

Working with Shapes

Icons and 3D Models

SmartArt, Charts and Screenshots

Section 10 Practice Exercise

Section 11 Envelopes and Labels

Working with Envelopes

Working with Labels

Section 12: Mail Merges

What is Mail Merge?

Creating a Mail Merge Document – Part 1

Creating a Mail Merge Document – Part 2

Merging a Document with an Existing Data Source

Merging Envelopes and Labels

Merging a Directory

Section 12 Practice Exercise

Section 13: Page Setup Options

Building Blocks

Auto Text

Section 13 Practice Exercise

Section 14: Indexing and Table of Contents

Creating an Index

Creating a Table of Contents

Section 14 Practice Exercise

Section 15: Review and Printing

Using the Thesaurus and Spell Check


Page Setup Options


Section 15 Practice Exercise

Section 16: Other Word Options

Word Options

Protecting a Document


Section 17: Wrap Up
Closing Video

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