Incident Response for Cyber Professionals


Incident Response for Cyber Professionals

Dive into the field of Cyber Security with this ’Incident Response for Cyber Professionals’ training course. You will learn how to use open source tools for incident response purposes by building a foundation in topics such as: cloud security, disaster recovery, honeypots, firewalls, and so much more. Length: 3.5 hrs

£199.99 £25.99

£199.99 £25.99

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Do you have a desire to learn more about defending networks and systems against hackers? Then this Incident Response for Cyber Professionals course is for you!

Incident response is an organized method for handling the aftermath of a security breach or cyberattack. This also may be known as an IT, computer, or security “incident”. The goal of incident response is to address and manage the situation in a way that minimizes damage, recovery time, and costs.

This course utilizes first-hand explanations and demonstrations in a step-by-step manner, so you can start incident response work immediately on your own.



1. Incident Response for Cyber Professionals

Incident Response (8:40)
Cyber Attacks (17:16)
Virtualization and Cloud Security (28:40)
Malware (13:49)
Operational Security (7:18)
Disaster Recovery (9:06)
Platform Hardening and Baselining (7:44)
Advanced Perimeter Security (11:42)
Static Malware Analysis (13:15)
IDS (8:42)
Advanced IDS (5:44)
Snort and Bro (26:03)
Honeypots and Honeynets (5:58)
Firewalls (2:53)
Apache Security logging (4:41)
SIM (11:51)

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