Database Security for Cyber Professionals


Database Security for Cyber Professionals

Dive into the field of Cyber Security with this ’Database Security for Cyber Professionals’ training course. The course begins with an in-depth discussion on database core security, and then it moves on to topics such as platform hardening, MySQL architecture, and exploits. By the time you’ve completed this course, you will know all about storage encryption, key management, big data, and so much more! Length: 3.5 hrs

£199.99 £19.99

£199.99 £19.99

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With this Database Security for Cyber Professionals training course, you will learn to understand and mitigate database threats. Learn how to secure open source and commercial database platforms against modern threats and attack vectors. This course includes a mix of conceptual lectures and detailed screencasts outlining all the steps involved with conducting test attacks and subsequently securing your database platforms.

This course is for you if you are interested in learning how to hack and protect database environments and want to know how hackers breach commercial and open source databases.



1. Database Security for Cyber Professionals

Database Core Security Part 1 (5:00)
Database Core Security Part 2 (5:02)
Database Core Security Part 3 (5:03)
Database Core Security Part 4 (1:42)
Platform Hardening (7:44)
MySQL Security Lab Build (8:01)
MySQL Architecture and Exploits (16:32)
Locking Down MySQL (35:07)
Oracle Exploitation and Security Best Practices (43:08)
PostgreSQL Architecture, Exploits and Hardening (19:29)
Storage Encryption (18:41)
Key Management (16:55)
Big Data (17:33)

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