AAT Courses: Live Online – Level 3 Accounting

AAT Courses: Live Online – Level 3 Accounting

Through Distance Learning Plus – Live Online, we present the chance for you to further hone your skills. Secure an accounting qualification to enhance your present role or embark on a fresh career journey using our video-conferencing based home study accounting programs.

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Why Choose Us?


What are the hallmarks of AAT Distance Learning Plus – Live Online sessions?

Distance Learning Plus – Live Online marries the familiarity and structure of conventional classroom teachings with the privilege of domestic learning. Forget about daily commuting – equipped with a device capable of video communication, you’re moments away from your digital learning hub.

With an array of live online lecture schedules spanning daytime, evening, or weekends, you decide your learning rhythm. Engage seamlessly with our tutors for on-the-spot guidance. The advantage of recorded lectures ensures continuity and review capabilities. We reckon this constitutes the zenith of relaxed, interactive education.

Is it tailored for you?

Distance Learning Plus – Live Online resonates with those looking for an immersive learning experience, underscored by real-time tutor assistance, whilst enjoying the autonomy to connect from any web-connected spot.

This is your beacon to uplift your professional resume, spotlighting competencies that potential employers prize.

What lies ahead?

In a workspace evolving towards remote roles, reduced commuting times, and a pronounced use of online platforms, spare moments to learn have surfaced for us all.

The core of Distance Learning Plus – Live Online lies in its commitment to deliver a vibrant, real-time classroom feel, all curated by our seasoned educators, right to your home.

It’s your cue to possibly embrace a deeper academic dive than you previously imagined, setting you on a journey of career rejuvenation.

Key Features

The Level 3 Diploma in Accounting covers the following:

  • The preparation of information required to prepare a final set of accounts for sole-traders and partnerships
  • Further progression into management accounting with analysis and reporting of current and future costs
  • Indirect tax returns
  • Professional ethics
  • Spreadsheets

Who’s it suitable for?

This level will be completed by students with previous study specific to accounting. If you begin studying for your AAT qualification from Level 3 you will be expected to demonstrate an aptitude for the main areas covered within the Certificate in Accounting level bookkeeping modules.

We would expect this qualification to take nine months to complete for most students or six months on a fast-track basis.


There are assessments which you will sit at our AAT accredited exam centre.

  • Tax Processes for Businesses
  • Financial Accounting: Preparing Financial Statements
  • Management Accounting Techniques
  • Business Awareness

Our virtual classrooms include

Interactive Classes
This gives students the ability to ask questions in real time or make comments and chat with their peers.

Timetabled Tutorials
All our classes are scheduled in advance so you get the benefits of a traditional classroom setting, in the privacy of your own home.

What if I miss the Live Class?
We give all our students a flexi pass which enables them to switch between day, evening and weekend classes. If you miss all of these, then there is still nothing to worry about, as our Live classes are recorded, so you can always catch up later in your own time.

Course Modules

Tax Processes for Businesses

  • Understanding VAT regulations
  • Understanding VAT schemes for new business start-ups and smaller businesses
  • Completing VAT returns accurately and on time
  • Overseas Aspects of VAT
  • Understanding VAT penalties and adjusting for previous errors
  • Communicating VAT information
  • Understanding and Operating Payroll for Businesses

Financial Accounting: Preparing Financial Statements

  • Understanding accepted principles of accounting and double-entry bookkeeping
  • Understanding accounting methods of recording non-current assets
  • Accounting for year end accounting adjustments including accruals, prepayments, depreciation, bad debts and stock accounting
  • Preparing an extended trial balance
  • Understanding the process involved in preparing final accounts
  • Preparing accounting records from incomplete information
  • Producing final accounts for sole traders
  • Understanding partnerships’ legislative and accounting requirements
  • Preparing a statement of profit or loss appropriation account
  • Preparing a financial position statement relating to a partnership
  • Preparing and Interpreting Financial Ratios

Management Accounting Techniques

  • Understanding an organisation’s costing systems
  • Recording and analysing cost information
  • Apportioning costs to organisational requirements
  • Analysing budget deviations and reporting these to management
  • Using information gathered from costing systems to assist decision making
  • Using a spreadsheet to enter, edit and organise numerical and other data
  • Selecting and using appropriate formulae and data analysis tools and techniques
  • Presenting, formatting and publishing accounting spreadsheet information.

Business Awareness

  • Understanding principles of ethical working
  • Understanding ethical behaviour when working with internal and external customers
  • Understanding when and how to take appropriate action following suspected ethical codes breaches
  • Understanding the ethical responsibility of financial professionals in promoting sustainability
  • Understanding the legal framework of companies
  • The micro economic environment
  • Risk Management and the PESTLE model
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