A Level Maths

A Level Maths

E-Courses4you are here to bring you the A Level Maths qualification, taught by an industry-leading expert.

A Level Maths will cover a range of topics including:

• Mathematical Argument (Language and proof)
• Mathematical Problem Solving
• Algebra and Functions
• Sequences and series
• Trigonometry
• Differentiation
• Integration
• Vectors
• Probability
• Data presentation and interpretation
• Forces and Newtons laws
• Moments
• Kinematics

And more!



Why Choose Us?


Why should you do A Level Maths?

Maths is a well and highly respected A Level and supports progression to a wide range of degree courses and careers. 

All science-based degrees require good maths skills, as well as careers in Engineering/Computing/Economics/Social Science. 

Having an A Level Maths qualification can greatly help you in your future and career, whether you want to go into a Mathematics based role or not. 

It has been reported that those with an A-level maths qualification are set to earn around 10% more than those with other qualifications and that problem solving in mathematics, i.e. logical thinking and statistical analysis, are closer to those used in the workplace as opposed to skills learned in other subjects.

How can you study?

You are able to study fully from the comfort of your own home/anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to the Internet! 

All of your course material will be available to you online, with lectures and follow-along video tutorials.

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